Combat Liberalism

My idols are dead and my enemies are in power.

Yes that was my earth day post, as I hope to replace all of nature with a steel grid. Infinite steel grid production would create jobs.

The only anarchist I ever got along with told me that so called “green anarchists” are “worse than pol pot” and “the enemies of working and oppressed people”, which is a sentiment I dearly appreciated.

Accepted into Slavic languages program for upcoming semester with good scholarships and pell grant. Lots of hard work, excited to reap rewards.

against trotskyism 1


"It was not until sometime later that I was able to fully grasp the implications of Trotsky’s concept of permanent revolution on the international scene. The most dramatic example was in Spain during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39. The Trotskyist organization had infiltrated the anarchist movement…

A remarkable thing here is that freedom sets out to be single, tolerates no other freedoms beside itself.

—Robert Walser

"Why do you have to make everything about race?" Said the liberal who built an entire governmental, economic, and social edifice around white supremacy and slavery.

What if I separate the “theory” from the “practice” of the French Revolution? Said every liberal ever in their increasingly pathetic efforts to detach their ideology from one of the only good things it ever accomplished.